5 Essential Feng Shui Tips for Home Interior Design

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Nowadays more and more homeowners decorate their home interior by considering the essential elements of Feng Shui. Feng shui for interior design has various methods to make a room more optimal and effective in terms of creating positive energy (Chi). There are some things that should and should not be applied to the interior design according to Feng Shui. Here is brief information about home interior decorating tips in order to keep the positive energy flowing:

1. Color
In Feng Shui, there are some colors that are required to create and flow positive energy in your room. Each type of color has different characters and elements. The color red, for example, can bring good fortune. No wonder so many people apply this color to the interior decoration of their house. The color green is also very good for your home interior as it can create a fresh, calming, and peaceful atmosphere. You may also choose yellow as the color of your room decoration alternative. Chinese people believe that the color yellow is the color of good luck.

2. Keep the rooms simple
In order to make your room look simple, you should have a good room layout, which is not full of stuff. Place furniture you really need only. If you still want to use ornaments or accessories, use a few number of them. Apply a simple and minimalist interior decoration which still looks elegant and luxurious. In addition, this interior design style also emphasizes on the function of each decoration element used.

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3. Choose natural materials for home interior decoration 
There are quite a lot of choice of home furniture made ​​of natural materials. It can be made of bamboo, organic fabrics, straw, and wood. Natural materials can reduce the negative energy in the room.

4. Indoor plants 
Want your home filled with positive energy? One way to achieve it is to place plants in the interior of your home. You can build a small garden in your living room or family room. Or, you can simply place potted ornamental plants that are fresh and beautiful. Plants are living objects that can increase positive energy. Place different plants to make it look varied and unique in every room.

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5. Use the Bagua guide to home interior design and decoration  
A lot of people might do not know what Bagua is. Bagua is a map of positive energy in Feng Shui. Bagua can be your guide when you will be decorating and designing the interior of your home. With this Bagua, you can find out where the positive and negative energy is. With this Bagua, you can also set the interior of your home so that the positive energy can flow into the house optimally and smoothly. 

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