5 Essential Tips on How to Clean and Tidy Up a Garage

Elegant Garage DesignMany people often leave the garage looks shabby and dirty because this room will eventually be filled with oil and mud from the vehicle. But, letting the garage dirty and messy is not wise.
Tools and other things which are often piled up in the garage can also be a nest of rats, cockroaches, or mosquitoes. Furthermore, unused things in the garage can make the room feel cramped.
Therefore, it is a great time to clean and tidy up your garage at home. However, what should you do? Here are tips and steps in the cleaning and tidying up your garage.

1. Remove all things and start cleaning the whole room
To be able to effectively clean the garage, you need to remove the entire contents of the garage. Then, do the cleaning. Start from the garage ceiling and move on to the wall. If there are holes or leaks, it should be fixed first. Or, if the walls and ceiling have looked dull and blackened due to exhaust fumes from vehicles, you should repaint the wall too. Finally, do the cleaning on the garage floor.

2. Place shelves or cabinets to store automotive tools
Automotive tools are sometimes laid strewn across the garage. Besides being able to make the room seem cramped, scattered tools will confuse you in when you need it. Therefore, you should place shelves and cabinets in the garage that could be used to store automotive tools such as pliers and screwdrivers. By placing the tools in special shelves, you and the people at home will easily find automotive items needed.  Shelves and cabinets will also protect automotive tooling from fire, water, or the reach of children.

3. Classify the tools inside your garage
When inside your garage there is more than one type of vehicle, the tools you need are obviously of different types. So, it is better to do segmentation and categorization for certain types of tooling. This segmentation can be based on the type of tooling for certain vehicles, such as bicycle tools, motorcycle tools, or car tools. Thus, when you want to fix one of your vehicle, you know where to find the tool you need.

4. Separate objects that can still be used and the object to be removed
Sometimes, in the garage you often see old bottles of oil, used batteries, and boxes are which are scattered. These objects are sometimes mixed with items that are still in use. Unused objects are only going to make the space in the garage narrower. Thus, provide a place to store unused items for sale and a place to store items that can still be recycled for reuse.

5. Do it gradually
In cleaning and tidying the garage, sometimes this cannot be done in 1 or 2 days. So, do it gradually. Plan what you will do on the first day, second day, third day, and so on. Additionally, you may need time to buy shelves, cabinets, paint, and other things during the process of cleaning the garage. To expedite the process, you can involve handyman, your children, or relative to help you. Because the garage is an area which is very vital in laying and maintaining your vehicle, the garage cleaning process should be done as quickly as possible.

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