5 Feng Shui Tips to Make Your Home More Peaceful

Minimalist Natural Bedroom IdeaPerhaps you feel that the house you live in now feels less comfortable and does not make you relax, then you do not know what causes it and what to do. It then would be useful for you to understand simple Feng Shui home tips below so that you can have a more calming home. Here’s an explanation from Janice Sugita, the author of The Feng Shui Equation, on how to Feng Shui in your home.

Stress reliever elements
Get rid of everything that makes feel stressed. You can start by putting more stuff that is able to make you smile. A photograph that has fond memories with a cheerful pose can be displayed in your room, e.g. wedding photos and photos of your children.

Watercolour touch
Did you know that a particular color is able to bring peace? Blue color is able to attract creativity and prosperity, while green is able to create a new energy for a new life in the room.

Give distance and space
The room with too much stuff can make you more tense. Be sure to take a space of about 80 centimeters of furniture for walk space. This will help reduce tension and create a sense of relief.

Natural elements inside the room
Adding natural elements can be started by opening the curtains or blinds so that natural light come into the room. Place the plant in your home interior. Plants bring life energy, growth, and oxygen which improves mood.

Balance the soft and the hard
If you really love the glass coffee table has been a part of the main room, try adding something like a comfortable soft couch then. Soft elements are proven to offset the rigors of glass elements in the room. Soft elements bring comfort, while the harsh elements provide stability. The soft elements can be found in the soft pillow that you place on the couch. Make sure that the soft and hard elements have a balanced proportion.

Those are some simple Feng Shui tips for home. Make sure that you live in a relaxing comfortable home that brings luck for you. Make the most of it so that you can get your dream Feng Shui home design and Feng Shui home d├ęcor.

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