5 House Cleaning Tips That Save Your Time

House CleaningCleaning-up activities at home is often time-consuming and troublesome. But there are some tricks that you can apply to save your time cleaning so you can still relax at home longer.

Here we present five things you can do to save your cleaning time:

1. Use your towel more than one time
Use a bath towel for a few times. Hang your towel after use so that the towel can dry out completely and you do not need to use one towel for one day. Change the towel at least once a month.

2. Wear your jeans several times before washed 
Denim or jeans is of the materials that is not easily soiled. Too often washing your jeans can make the color fade. However, if you find your jeans is too dirty and has stains on it, then you should immediately wash it off. If your jeans still look clean and neat, you can still use it a few times.

3. Open the bathroom window and turn the exhaust fan on 
For the bathroom wall, you do not need to clean it every week. Simply provide good air circulation and make sure the exhaust fan is functioning properly. In this way the bathroom walls will also not get dirty easily due to exposure to  water or soap. But for the sink, tub and toilet, you are required to clean them regularly.

4. Clean the oven in your spare time
If you do not frequently use your oven to cook,  you can clean it only a few times a year. Clean it simply by sprinkling water and wipe the stains in the oven. For that, you’ll want to clean your oven when there is spare time, like in a holiday season.

5. Do not mop the floor too often
Wood flooring should not be exposed to water too often. To that end, place a mat at each entrance to your house to repel dirt on the floors. If there may be guests who visit, you can put phrases like “Please remove your shoes before entering”. This way you will save your time to clean up.

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