5 Important Considerations to Build an Attic Bedroom

Beautiful White Purple Attic BedroomImage credit: amecdes.com

Some spaces at home are often left empty and unused. In fact, there are a lot of cool ideas to turn those spaces into attractive and cozy rooms. The attic belongs to areas which are often left unused. You must not want your top of the house become a home for rats. Remodeling the attic and turning it into a bedroom is absolutely a smart idea. You surely can make your own. Here are five important considerations when you want to make an attic bedroom at your home:

  1. The structure of the attic. Only an attic with a strong structure can be used as a bedroom. This is a very important factor because the attic bedroom will be filled with a variety of supporting properties such as bed, table, and wardrobe that must be somehow heavy. The structure of the attic foundation becomes important in this regard.
  2. Examine the height of the attic. Pay attention to the height between the ceiling and the position when you are standing there in the attic. Make sure that the ceiling is higher than your position so you can move freely and comfortably.
  3. Access to the attic. The ease of the access covers how you get into the attic like using the stairs. It would be better to use the built-in stairway to help you carry stuff. It also must have enough space for passing around the attic.
  4. Window. The window in the attic bedroom functions to provide access to sunlight to the room. Consider where you will place it, facing to the north and east, or west and south. If it is facing north and east, you will get a soft light. Meanwhile, if it is facing the west and south, you will get too much heat during the late afternoon.
  5. Temperature and weather in the attic. Notice how the air temperature in your attic is. During the dry season, the temperature in the attic will definitely be hot, as well as when it rains, the temperature turns to be so cold. To work around this, you can have a temperature control system in the attic so you can adjust the temperature according to the condition you want.
Here are some examples of attic bedroom design ideas.
White Attic Bedroom with Wooden Flooring
Image credit: optea-referencement.com
Colorful Attic Space for Kids Bedroom
Image credit: artemendoza.com
Appealing Black White Attic Home Decor with Brick WallImage credit: ontrus.com

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