5 Mistakes in a Minimalist Interior Home Decoration You Have to Avoid

Modern Minimalist Living Room DesignDecorating your interior must be a very enjoyable thing to do. In addition to dealing with various interesting and unique design ideas, you will also make your home far more beautiful and artistic. However, you also should know that a little mistake may affect the whole look of the house. What kind of mistake is that? Well, today we share five mistakes in a minimalist home decoration you have to avoid. Here is the information:

1. Excessive design concept
In designing a minimalist interior decoration, it is advisable not to apply an excessive design concept such as the use of wallpaper on all the walls of the room, the use of large and long curtains on each window, or the application of the ceiling design featuring a wonderful variety of profile shapes in all the space.

Actually, the application of such decorations is quite good and interesting. Yet, you want to adopt the concept of a minimalist home, right? Instead of making your home look elegant, that excessive concept will eliminate the impression of an elegant and minimalist on the interior of your home. It may only provide an impression of a luxurious and magnificent house.

2. Not harmonious color composition
Still remember the basic concept of a minimalist home? One of the keys used for the application of the design concept is to use the kind of color palette throughout the interior space as minimal as possible. Many people still present the color composition excessively. No wonder that the decoration looks very ordinary or even chaotic.

A minimalist house only takes two to three color composition. Suppose, for the color of the walls, floor, and ceiling using a color palette of white, while all the furniture that is used mostly polished with blue sky and white. So, there will be a very harmonious minimalist impression in the room.

3. Too crowded furniture composition
The next home decoration mistake you should avoid is placing too many units of furniture in one room. The more furniture and accessories put inside the room, the more crowded and messy the room looks.

4. Chaotic furniture Layout
Be smart and creative in arranging the furniture. Make the furniture arrangement look neat and elegant. If your house is filled with a variety of furniture which is laid out carelessly, it may look like a warehouse.

5. Bad budget management
Do not spend money for home decoration which is beyond your financial condition. The budget for the needs of the family is much more important than to simply modify your home. Do not let your home look very magnificent and beautiful, while your family is economically neglected.

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