5 Popular Styles for Girls’ Bedroom Decorations

Charming Pink Girl's BedroomIn decorating personal spaces such as children’s bedrooms, gender becomes an important consideration. Each part must bring personality, style, and preferences of our children. As girls have very different personalities from boys, we need to consider a lot of things in a girls’ bedroom decor. It should be attractive in color and style. You, parents, should also be aware that all parts of the decoration should be functional and have an appropriate style, so that your little girls will find comfort and love their own room. Here are some ideas on decorating girls’ bedroom without forgetting their style and character.

1 . Simple girls’ bedrooms
Decorating a girl’s bedroom in simple style is easier than other styles. The principle to take is to use different colors for the walls and furniture. The wall is painted in a neutral color, while the furniture is in brighter colors. Apply a solid pattern for bedcovers and pillows, so it will keep the room seem simple and elegant. The pattern on the bedcover and pillows should be based on the styles and tastes of your children with a more striking color.

2 . Amazing girls’ bedrooms
Some girls may be very active and want to have a stunning bedroom style which is different from others’. A tremendous styled bedroom can provide a positive impact on the children’s spirit and creativity. In this case, colors play an important role in an amazing girls’ bedroom design. Choose bright and eye-popping colors on the walls, like the aqua color. Add furniture with neutral colors and apply the other eye-popping mix and match colors with accessories, such as polka-dot pattern on a pillow or a vase of flowers. For accessories, use the ones which are rarely used by people, i.e. unique accessories.

3 . Cheerful and cute girls’ bedrooms
Girls’ bedrooms usually look cute and cheerful. To reinforce this atmosphere, you can combine several colors in a room, e.g. the color orange on one side of the wall and green on the other side. After that, you can apply the colorful pillow and bedcover. The combination of many colors will build a cheerful and cute look in the bedroom of your children which will stimulate their mood.

4 . Fun style girls’ bedrooms
Another idea in the girls’ bedroom decor is to create a fun bedroom. You can create a touch of flowers on the walls and pillows. Use a straight-line pattern for blankets and bedcovers. It will bring your children into a room which feels like a garden. Provide additional vase to enhance the freshness of the room.

5 . Creative style girls’ bedrooms
Children are very creative. Adding a large board to the bedroom will bring their creativity. They can stick their simple pictures or artworks. They can also write words of motivation there. Large boards can also be a reminder of their plans and goals. Use accessories that support their creative spirit by providing things that support their hobbies such as musical instruments, painting tools, computers, etc.

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