5 Preparations for an Apartment Renovation

Apartment Interior DesignIn terms of the concept of the room, there are only a few differences between an apartment and home interior. However, there are several different things we need to consider when renovating an apartment. The differences include the limited processing time, dismantling regulations until additional costs that must be prepared.

The condition of the walls, floor and roof bordering neighbors will inevitably force you to conform to the regulations of the manager of the apartment. In order to make the renovation process run more smoothly, consider these five things when renovating the apartment.

Prepare the deposit cost
In addition to having to pay the cost of design and remodeling services, you also have to set up additional funds for the cost of the deposit to the apartment management. The amount of the deposit fees vary from apartment. It is charged as an insurance fund if there is damage in the infrastructure and facilities owned by the apartments due to the renovation. If there is no damage until the renovation process is finished, the deposit fee will be returned intact.

Measure the circulation paths
Rearranging an apartment is different from rearranging a house. The distribution access of the furniture can only be through a freight elevator available. Thus, you have to pay attention to the size of the room and the elevator door. If you are going to fill the unit with furniture that is big enough, make sure the size does not exceed the size of the elevator. Or, choose furniture that can be knocked down. In addition to the elevator, you also have to consider the size of the circulation such as the entrance, the door to the apartment hallway.

Set the processing time
Check first the working hours provided by the apartment manager. In some cases, a given working hours could be reduced. This happens when there are complaints from neighbors who felt disturbed. Some developers also do not allow renovation work takes place on Saturday and Sunday. In order to work on schedule, you have to take into account the time available, the number of builders, to material selection which requires an easy installation. You can also talk to the designer to determine the priority when you will start the renovation.

Check the condition of the rooms
The quality of an apartment building is different from one another. To that end, check the condition of the apartment units you will live. Carefully check the quality of the existing building elements. Some defects that often arise include walls that are not square, a leak in the bathroom, air conditioning hoses, cracked walls, etc. If the apartment is still under warranty, immediately report it to the developer to do repairs. For the wall dimension problem, you need to consult it with the designer to get around it.

Dismantle regulation
Not all apartment walls can be dismantled. You should ensure that part of the wall to be dismantled is a non-structural wall. Check the type of wall to the apartment manager. In addition to walls, power and water system also cannot be changed. Each removal must be authorized by the management because it is related to the water and power system of the entire apartment building.

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