5 Reasons Why Your Home Won’t Sell Quickly

Exterior Home Design with a GardenSelling a house is not as easy as receiving money from the sale of the house. You need a deep thought and careful planning. Along the way, there can be found some common problems, such as lack of proper prospective buyer, real estate agent you hire is not honest, and many more. One purpose of selling a house is to get profit. Catherine Lovering, one of contributors of eHow, explains several reasons why your house is not selling:

1 . Too expensive
If you offer a too high price than it should be, you will find it difficult to find a buyer. Ronald Phipps Houses realtor in the Chicago Tribune suggests that every seller should always review the market price of the house every 30 days to find out if they offer reasonable price or not .

2 . Poor location
Bad location allows the selling price of your home go down. You need to do some things to enhance the appeal of the house from the other side such as to make the house close to the shopping center, become strategic in terms of transportation, or to renovate the interior. This will require an extra cost definitely.

3 . Poor display
Although the house you are going to sell is good, it does not mean that you can let your interior look in a mess. A house must be neat inside and outside aesthetically. This is of course to attract    t potential buyers. Beautify your home by repainting it or creating a garden in the front yard to add to the positive impression.

4 . Ineffective marketing
According to the National Association of Realtors, through an article in 2009, it is stated that a third of home buyers see the property online. Property agents you hire have to advertise your home in their website or registering it on some local service, and also on some offline media such as real estate publications and leaflets. If necessary, use an interesting photo or video of your home.

5 . Poor market conditions
Sometimes a home which is not successfully sold is not caused by the seller or agent’s fault. But it could be that the property market is going down or difficult to find a buyer. The economic downturn and interest rates also contribute to a buyer’s market. To get the buyer or the price you want, you should delay the sale until the market is normal.

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