5-S: The Principles of Modern Home Architecture in a Luxurious Style

Luxurious Interior with Minimalist ConceptImage credit: vangviet.com

A certain look could create a certain impression. It happens in the home architecture too, in which a modern impression is created from a modern home architecture. However, a modern impression is sometimes not enough. That’s why there is luxurious home architecture which comes with a modern design with some classic touches.

Basic principles of luxury architecture
Nowadays the concept of luxury homes includes 5-S, namely Synchronize, Sleek, Spacious, Scenery and Safety. These five basic principles must exist in luxurious modern house architecture.

On the first point, Synchronize, the house must have harmony among the rooms. In addition, the home must also be in harmony with the neighborhood. The tip to create a comfortable home is to use building materials that fit the theme of the design. The house architectural shape should also be adjusted to the surrounding environment. Do not let the house look much contrasting so it seems to be narcissist and individualist.

A good home must also have to look neat and clean. This is what is meant by the principles of Sleek in the luxury home architecture. Every detail in the home should look clean and as needed. Referring to the modern concept of minimalism, the use of mystical symbols should be avoided.

In the principle of Spacious, the division between the public, semi-public, private, and service zone must be properly addressed. In addition, the home design should be made ​​wide by reducing the less important shapes and decorations.

Luxurious Modern Home ArchitectureImage credit: propertykita.com

A luxury home must also have a beautiful view. To embody the principle of Scenery, you can give a fairly wide opening in the direction of the best views. Also avoid building a house which is too attached to a neighbor’s house. To give a natural impression, choose various vegetations on the landscape carefully. On this area you can plant some grass or ornamental plants.

In addition to visual beauty, luxury home architecture should also pay attention to the Security or Safety. Security here consists of two things namely the security of life and disruption of natural beings. To obtain the best security, create a fence that will protect the house. Installing CCTV can also help in securing the home. To avoid flooding, make the house ​​higher than the main road.

Colors on luxury homes
The right painting techniques and paint color would make the best luxury home design. Some paint colors that can be taken into consideration are the color white, gray and brown. However, to obtain optimum results, you should combine some of those colors. 

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