5 Simple Touches for a Beautiful Bathroom

Bathroom Decoration IdeaBathroom is one important part of the house. Therefore, it is always a good idea to give extra attention to the bathroom. There is no need to spend a lot of money, really. Here are five touches you can do to renovate your bathroom:

  1. New towels. You do not have to buy a complete set of towels. To give a different accent, you can simply buy a bright colored towel that matches the color of your bathroom. Roll up a towel, and put it in a basket that is hung down to provide an attractive accent. Try to combine it with some other colors in the bathroom.
  2. Framed mirror. If the mirror in the bathroom is plain and hung on the bathroom wall, try to change its appearance by adding a frame. Create a frame with neutral colors such as gold or silver color. The frame can also be painted before being attached to the mirror.
  3. Paint. Paint the bathroom walls with bright colors. Choose a color that is suitable with the floor and other items that exist in the bathroom. If your bathroom floor is in yellowish green, paint the walls with a light yellow color. Or if your bathroom floor has a black and white pattern, enlighten it with soft green wall paint.
  4. Curtain. Find a cheap yet interesting shower curtain. Another option is to choose curtains with a color matching with other items in the bathroom, then use a unique curtain hanger. It will make a big interesting change. But if the bathroom is small, you should select white color with no pattern or the same color as the tub, so it will give a wider impression.
  5. Accessories. Buy an inexpensive bowl and fill it with a small soap bar, body lotion, a small bottle of perfume, and others. Put your favorite colored candle on the shelf you have set attractively. Choose colorful soap bars and arrange them like a pine tree near the tub. Also, add a small vase or glass, and always fill it with fresh flowers. All of them will add a sweet touch.

Those are some ideas for easy bathroom renovation on a budget. You don’t always need to spend a lot of money to have a beautiful attractive bathroom. Now, you can browse the internet on bathroom renovation designs, choose one of your favorite, add these five beautiful touches, and here you get your dream bathroom decoration.

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