5 Steps to Make Your House Mood Boosting

Retro Stylish Clean InteriorA lot of people spend their weekend to refresh their body and mind, like by having a vacation. If you belong to them, you may set aside your time to do something unusual. You can take advantage of your weekend this time for home improvement.

Just do the following five steps and make your home mood boosting:

First, get rid of stuff you do not need from the bedroom. Provide space for yourself. Feel the difference after you get rid of these items.

The same principle can be applied to the other rooms in your house. In the kitchen, for example, if you feel like not needing the microwave, you can give it to your relatives or even sell it. Reducing piles of goods can reduce your stress level.

Second, rearrange the interior layout in your home. Before starting to change the furniture arrangement, you should have the targeted design result.

Adjust the position of the mattress in the bedroom until you can be awakened by the warm and  soft sunshine every morning. Set also the position the television so you do not need to feel glared while enjoying your favorite shows. Consider these simple things before you wrestle with trivial problems that interfere with your comfort and mood.

Third, change your sensory experience at home. Consider what rituals you do every morning. If you always wake up in the morning to go to the bathroom, then brush your teeth, and go down to the kitchen to make coffee, make the experience more enjoyable.

Replace a door knob which is difficult to open with the new one. You can find a new stylish, beautiful, and unique door knob then. That way, every morning when you haven’t woken up completely from your sleep, you will still be able to open the door smoothly.

Give a mat on the bathroom, especially in the dry area or around the toilet. Do not let your legs shiver every morning. You can also provide a coffee maker which is set automatically to make you a cup of coffee at certain hours. These simple steps provide a sense of order, ease, and convenience to boost your mood.

The fourth step would be a bit counterproductive to the first step. If you are previously requested to get rid of stuff you do not need, now you are encouraged to buy or bring new items into the house. The items should not have to be large and luxurious. Find the ones that are able to make you smile every day. If you are a fan of the television series Doctor Who, try searching for a telephone shaped Tardis. If you are a Liverpool fan, there is nothing prohibiting you to use a blanket with the logo of that favorite football club.

The final step is to clean your house. A clean house which is free from dust and piles of goods will be much more comfortable than a dirty and stuffy house. Help yourself by taking the time to fix and clean the house this weekend.

Happy cleaning up!

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