5 Steps to Prevents Bathroom Accidents

Beautiful Clean Soft Blue Bathroom with White BathtubSafety in the bathroom should be our concern before designing other rooms. It is because the bathroom is not just a room that we use everyday, but it is also very private. However, because some of us are still ignorant, there are accidents often occur in the bathroom. In fact, in the United States, approximately 235,000 inhabitants ended up in the ER because of an accident in the bathroom.

This makes the bathroom  the most dangerous area. So, is there a way to make the bathroom become much safer?

Well, there are five easy steps to make your bathroom safer.

Step one, start with the electronic items. The more modern bathroom in your home, usually the more electronic equipment is placed there. Hairdryer, hair shaver, and other equipment will more secure if placed in a special place and away from the tub.

Step two, make sure you use anti-slippery sticker on the bottom of the tub. This sticker maintains and reduces the risk of slipping in the bathroom. There is a wide selection of the sticker shapes and colors. So, you can choose the most suitable design for a child bathroom or adult bathroom decor.

Step three, be careful in the use of the mat. Mat could be the cause of you slipping in the shower. However, a soft mat can make the bathroom floor warmer in the middle of the night, making the bathroom floor is soft when you fell off, and draining the water in the foot so that the water does not need to flood the bathroom.

Step four, be careful in the use of the water heater. Try to make the water heater does not exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 48.9 degrees Celsius. This is important, especially if there are small children in your home. In addition to being safer, lower temperature will save the energy.

Fifth, provide emergency lighting in the bathroom. Emergency lights allow you to use the bathroom when the electricity goes off. You can also use electroluminescent night lights, which do not need to be replaced. These lights make your trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night safer.

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