5 Swimming Pool Design Styles You Should Know

Captivating Small Swimming Pool DesignImage credit: loopclimb.com

Having a swimming pool at home would be really fun, especially for those of you with a hobby of swimming. By having your own, you no longer need to go out of the house just for the sake of your hobby. But if you already have your own pool, yet you are bored with the shape, or size, you just need to remodel your swimming pool according to your taste.

You have five options of swimming pool design types:

1. Diving pool style

Diving Pool Design IdeaImage credit: imtex.org

This pool must have a minimum depth of 2.5 – 3 meters because it features a diving board. However, this type of swimming pool must have a certain standard so you can be safe when doing dives.

2. Freeform pool style

Freeform Pool Design IdeaImage credit: homeandofficedecors.com

This style of swimming pool has an irregular shape. That is, you can freely express what shape you want for your swimming pool. But generally, free from swimming pools have a landscape and natural design The pool owner often wants the swimming pool to seems like an oasis in the desert.

3. Play pool style
Play Pool Design IdeaImage credit: wikimedia.org

This style of pool does not have to be too deep, only ranged from a minimum of 1.5 to 2 meters. Because in general  this pool is used to play water sports. In order to make it look like a play area, you can add some accents such as a water slide, water boom, or whatever you want.

4. Lap pool style
Lap Pool Design IdeaImage credit: asianescapes.com

This swimming pool style, which looks long and narrow, is suitable for soaking and relaxation. It is widely used for the treatment of certain medical therapies.

5. Overflow pool style
Overflow Pool Design IdeaImage credit: sherlockandassociates.wordpress.com

This would be a pool where the water level in the pool is the same as the top of the decking. It looks like a big mirror lying on the ground.

Well then, which swimming pool design style attracts you the most? 

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