5 Things You Need to Know About Electrical Installations in Homes

Electrical Wiring SystemCurrently electricity cannot be separated from any activity in the house. Although it is very crucial to people’s life, there are still many users that are unfamiliar with the things should be considered. The electric current cannot be regarded as a negligible thing. It is not just a matter of input from the electric current, but the path to the output. In other words, you need to recognize more detail about the specification of materials, cables conductivity, and the effect of the flow to weather changes.

Check out five things that you must consider when making a new electrical installation:

Wall electrical socket
Consider the ideal distance between the electrical socket and the floor. Ideally the distance is between 1-2 meters. Be sure not to give too much load for the socket. A single electrical socket should ideally be used for one to four branches.

Do not buy cable carelessly. Adjust the electric current which is delivered. Electrical wiring made ​​of copper and PVC insulated permanently which is installed in your home should be in the minimum size of 2.5 mm2, regardless of the amount of the electric current. And, it should only be powered up to 10A. Use a cable of 4 mm2 if the electric current is between 10A – 16A.

Grounding system
Grounding system on electrical installations functions to prevent a contact between human and the electrical voltage which is exposed as a result of insulation failure. The grounding in your house is installed in two types; home electrical installation and installation of lightning rod. The installation of these grounding systems should be separated within at least 10 m.

Rain and leakage
It is suggested that we do not perform any repairs when there is rain or home roof leaks. It is closely related to the electric as water conductor, which often causes short circuit. Also, don’t deal with the electrical installation when there is lightning.

Periodic checking
Find a reliable service to do a periodic checking on the electrical installation in your house. If there is another problem in the future, you can call them back to repair the installation or to make addition electrical installation.

Those are several things you need to consider about the electrical circuit in your house. Make sure that you do everything properly you that you can ensure the safety of your family members.

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