5 Things You Should Avoid When Selling a House

Unsold HouseSelling a house is actually not a difficult job. House belongs to things with selling price which always increases. You can either stay in it or use it as an investment.

However, many people find it difficult to sell their house even though they have advertised it in some media. Then, what make a house difficult to sell?

The following are five things to avoid when selling a house:

1. High price
When you sell your house in a unreasonable price, prospective buyers might not be interested to know further about the house. They tend to be reluctant to bargain a too high price. It is better if you search for information about the price comparison in your neighborhood. Or, you can increase the price at a maximum of 3% from the market price. That way, the prospective buyers will still be encouraged to bargain with you for a lower price.

You should also notice that prospective buyers must also have conducted a survey to several houses before contacting you. They will not bother to call you if the house your sell is extremely expensive.

2. Neglecting the aesthetic value of the house
If you want to sell your house, do not neglect its aesthetic value. First impression will determine whether a prospective buyer will continue to know further about your house or not. Do not let your house look dirty, stuffy, and damp. If necessary, use a room freshener

Most of buyers pay a lot of attention to the toilet, kitchen, bedrooms, and ceiling. If you have a garden in your front yard, make sure that it looks beautiful and well maintained since the garden will be the first thing that motivates buyers to enter your house.

3. Net sale price
Net sale price is the price you get without you having to pay the sales tax. Meanwhile, the 3% success fee from a property agent cannot be calculated as a net sale price because it is your duty to pay the fee, no matter how the house costs. A transaction with a net sale price often happens when the buyers are not experienced in buying a house and directly contact you, the seller.

4. Ignoring a serious offer 
A lot of seller assume that there will be many buyers offer a higher price in the future. But it turns out that they do not get any higher offer. During the selling process through a property agent, there are usually a lot of offers in the first and second weeks. It is because in the first week a marketing staff member usually calls prospective buyers from the database, than there happens a bargaining process, while in the second month the offers usually decrease.

5. Being not cooperative 
As a person who wants to get money by selling a house, you should be quite cooperative with serious prospective buyers, such as showing land ownership documents. If you procrastinate to show the documents, the buyer might not be confident and move on to another house.

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