5 Tips to Clean Up a House After a Flood

Flooded RoomCleaning the house after the flood can be very troublesome. There are so many losses you might experience such as damaged electronic appliances and valuable furniture. Thus, although the flood has receded, there are still jobs to clean your home. It is better to make plans before you start dealing with the home mess.

The following tips may ease you to plan the jobs for cleaning the house after flood.

1. Turn off the electricity. This must be done the first time due to the risk of being electrocuted through water that still exist in some parts of the house. After that you can start to dry up the water pooled on the floor and clean the germs and dirt by using disinfectant.

2. Clean the furniture. Notice how the condition of the sofa, furniture and beds which are flooded. If the objects are already wet, very dirty and smell bad, you better keep them away and not use them anymore because it would be very difficult to clean mold and germs that stick. However, for lightly soiled mattress that is not completely wet, you can clean it by pouring water on to it and brushing it clean. After that, spray it with disinfectant and dry it up under direct sunlight.

For the other furniture, first get rid of the water that still stick on it. Then apply oil on the furniture and rub it with a clean cloth until there’s no stain seen. To make it look shiny, you can re-polish it.

To clean the carpet, almost the same as mattress cleaning, you only need to pour water on it until all dirt’s gone. Brush the carpet with baby shampoo and try to brush it in same direction of the carpet fibers, and then flush it again with clean water. Once clean, dry it up under the sunlight.

3. Fix the electronic equipment. Do not connect the electronic equipment that has been exposed to water because it can cause electrical shorting. Better to directly take it to the nearest repairman for repair. So is the car, take it to a repair shop that has been trusted as soon as possible to clean and repair the parts of the car exposed to dirty flood water.

4. Clean the clothing and cutlery. To clean the clothes and eating utensils you can use dishwashing liquid and regular detergents. Yet, to eliminate the germs you should add disinfectant and also soak the clothes/utensils in hot water for sterilization.

5. Clean the walls. Clean the wall of mud with a brush and disinfectant. If there is a damaged wall section, such as peeling paint, you can do the repainting.

If the damage is very severe and cannot be solved, it would be nice if you call in an expert to repair and slightly renovate the damaged parts. If necessary, you need to do renovations to elevate the house higher than the main road so that when the flood occurs, the amount of water coming into the house can be minimized.

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