5 Tips to Create a Peaceful Home

Woman Sleeping SoundlyA house functions not merely as a place to live. It also serves to protect you from the hot sun, dust, pollution, disease-carrying rain water, as well as a place to rest. When a house can make the occupants feel peaceful staying in there, the house is capable of functioning as a home properly.

It is not difficult to create peace in a house as long as you can bring balance and harmony in it.

1. Appropriate wall color
A house can be attractive with the right color selection for the walls. A lot of colors will not necessarily create peace in a house. The use of several light colors also might not present the peaceful impression.

There are two colors that can truly make your home more peaceful. The first color is green which is so close to the nature and able to create a beautiful, cool, fresh impression.  The second color is blue which is cool and calm. It cannot be denied in the color blue contains an impression of a lasting peace.

2. Furniture selection
Furniture also has a big hand in conveying a peaceful home. The impression will be created depending on you or the occupant in choosing furniture for the home.

If you want to create a peaceful feel, then choose furniture that suits your needs. For example,  provide a sofa and coffee table in the living room. If you want to add a decorative shelf, then consider your living room size first. Is it possible to add more furniture there?

3. Furniture material selection

Also consider the materials of the furniture because they will affect the impression of your home. For instance, for a peaceful home impression, choose a sofa that is made ​​of soft material so that it feels comfortable when used.

4. Furniture arrangement
Peace will also be obtained from the interior design of the room. Consider the distance among the furniture. Make sure that you can move freely and comfortably in the room.

5. Use of rooms based on the function
Every room in the house has its respective functions. It is not advisable to use one room for various activities. For example, a bedroom functions as  a room to take a rest, so, use this room to rest then. Do not use the bedroom for a variety of things such as working, eating, and other activities. If you do that then your bedroom will be very uncomfortable. The peace in the bedroom is gone and you become less comfortable using the bedroom to rest.

In addition to the above five, it is also good to put living plants in your living room or bedroom. The presence of plants in your house can strengthen the impression of peace. You will feel the coolness and clean air it provides.

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