5 Tips to Make a Small Room Feel Larger

Minimalist Small Bedroom DesignDoes a tiny room make you feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable? Find simple solutions that can be used to maximize your space, making it feel way more spacious and roomy.

1. Use windows
The window can be a powerful visual tool to enlarge a small space. This is because your eyes shift slightly out walls on the outdoor scenery. This makes an illusion that your living room or family room is wide. Take advantage of this effect by using a bare window, or a window with a curtain which has a matching color with the walls so that it can eliminate the boundaries and open the space.

For maintaining your privacy, install curtains or blinds that can be pulled in during the day. In addition, hanging drapes just below the ceiling can make a window appear taller. While to make the window look larger, you can extend the drapes beyond the window frames.

2 . Make the room multitasking
If your home is too small for all needs, fill out the room for a double duty. You can make the living room as a comfortable bedroom using a trendy soft sofa so that your guests can sleep there. Look for a multi- function sofa with a solid back that can be used to sit, sleep, or relax all day long. Finish off with pillows that mimic the arm of the couch.

3 . Select tiny furniture
Small spaces can be quickly overwhelmed by huge furniture. Choose neat sectional furniture with a compact and slim frame along with long legs. In the living room, a pair of chairs with low seat can eliminate the heavy impression which takes up too much space. The open area at the bottom of the side lamp table can also give the illusion of space. Add a small padded bench to keep the impression of a tiny scale.

4 . Colored walls expand a small space
Instead of using a white wall as a background of colorful accents, try the opposite effect. Green wall color can make the space blend in with the outdoor life. Add white furniture, white accessories, and other white knickknacks to keep the impression of a light and open space. For the final touch, give the green accents that will tie everything together.

5 . Make a small space feel higher
To make a tiny room look way higher, you can use vertical lines which direct our eyes from the floor up to the ceiling. A high ceiling will add the spacious room effects, especially if the wall is given soft paint colors. Install four posters in the bedroom to draw attention to the ceiling, while the thin soft fabric panels will not add visual weight. The installation of drapes as high as the ceiling, around the window, will create the same effect. Still for the same effect, hang some artworks on the wall by considering the ceiling. You can also add wavy wall trim around the room.

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