5 Tips to Make Your Old Living Room Look New

Clean and Fresh Living RoomPeople say that a living room can represent the homeowner’s personality. This can be true because living room is the space in which the owner welcomes guests, friends, or relatives. A cozy living room will give a good impression to any visitor. Thus, don’t ever let your living room look boring, dull, dirty, or even messy.

Did you know that you can make your old living room look new again? Well, here are some tips to clean and maintain your living room so that you will have a new look of your charming living room.

1. Eradicate stubborn mildew in the living room
Check the surfaces of the living room walls and ceiling for any mildew. Mildew often grows on walls and ceiling due to water seeping when heavy rains occur. To get rid of the mildew you can use vinegar, fungicide or disinfectant. However, if the mildew has attacked on the wall or ceiling too long and been so stubborn, you should spend more money to fix the roof, replace the ceiling and repaint it.

2. Update decaying wall paint
The most ideal time to paint the wall is when the sun is not shining so bright. This is because when the weather is too hot, the outer layer of the wall paint will dry too fast compared to the inner layer, causing the paint cracking, bubbling or peeling.

In order to avoid wall paint cracks, it is better if you apply the wall putty only to the hairline cracks. If it is used as a primer it will make the paint easier to peel, due to the non-binding nature of wall putty.

3. Clean the glass window on a regular basis
To make the living room still look clean, you should consider the windows’ cleanliness as well. You certainly do not want your guests to consider you as a dirty and untidy person because of the glass window which is covered with thick dust.

There are many options of cleaning product for glass windows. However, to save money, you can use a mixture of a few tablespoons of baking soda, vinegar and warm water to clean the glass effectively.

4. Maintain the curtains or blinds in the living room
Do a light maintenance once a week using a vacuum cleaner, duster, or wipe. Do not forget to clean the back of the curtains because often times we just remember to clean the front part of the curtains. To keep the curtains always clean, do not forget to wash them every three months.

5. Maintain the carpet and sofa in the living room
A quick way to clean carpets and sofas is to use a vacuum cleaner. Another way is to use a brush. If your carpet is very dirty and has not been washed, you should bring your carpet to the laundry.

To clean stubborn stains on the carpet and sofa you can wipe them with a solution of vinegar mixed with two tablespoons of salt. Also, do not put the sofa in an area which is exposed to the sunlight directly because it will make the sofa’s color fade. You could also use a slipcover to protect the color of the sofa.

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