7 Tips for Buying Antique Home Furniture and Accessories

Vintage Wooden Furniture and Crystal ChandelierThere is no set of rules for you to shop for antiques for home accessories. Antiques or vintage items are those that are above 40 years old. Even you might find vintage stuff more than 100 years old.

The most important thing when shopping antiques is that you must be careful in assessing the goods. Antiques are currently widely counterfeited in the market, and sold at a higher price. Goods that are said to be antique should be at least over 40 years old. In addition to being careful, what are the things you should perform in shopping for antiques? Here’s the explanation:

First, if the store has a lot of stock of the same items, it is certainly that the items are not antiques. Antiques are usually made ​​exclusive and few in number.

Second, consider the material. You must carefully pay attention to material that is attached to the antiques. If you find a single nail or screw that looks stylish and modern, of course it is not an antique. In terms of carvings, you must be keen to tell which is carved by hand and which one by machine.

Third, do not hesitate to ask a lot of questions to the shopkeepers or shop owner. The buyer is the king. You have the right to know about the antiques you wish to buy. How much is that? How do you know this stuff is original? Make sure the shop owners can show ownership papers if you want to buy antiques that are quite luxurious.

Fourth, once more, be careful. Antiques certainly will not look like the new item, though it was maintained properly though. Some signs like blackened water marks on antiques can be a sign that the item is really antique. If you want to buy an antique dressing table, for instance, open the drawer first. If there is no obstacle in opening it, the table could be not antique. Aged drawers are usually a bit difficult to open.

Fifth, if you’ve purchased antiques properly, repaint the ones that have faded or apply a solid wax on the surface of antique furniture made ​​of wood. By taking a good care of them, you can still resell them one day.

Sixth, avoid buying goods or furniture that is damaged. Although antique, damaged goods might harm your family’s health, e.g. rusty goods. You might also endanger the health of your child by buying a used stroller.

Finally, examine the smell. Believe it or not, smelling the furniture you buy will help you find out whether or not the furniture is antique.

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