5 Tricks to Make Your Small House Feel Wide and Cozy

Small Living Room with White SofaWhen you have a house that is not so wide, you will want the house to remain comfortable to live in and feel spacious. To make it so, you can follow the following tips on how to make a small house feel more spacious:

1 . Adjusting the room function and the needs
The room function should be adjusted to the needs. For example, if you rarely receive guests in the living room, then this room should be combined with a family room. Yet, if you still need the living room in case there are guests visiting your home, you can provide a small space with two chairs and a small table.  If your current living room, family room, and dining room do not have wall insulation, do not rush to install permanent walls because the incorporation of functions between the living room with the family room or living room with dining room will be very flexible. The concept of an open and flexible space will help you to give an impression of a large space in your home. The kitchen and dining room can also be circumvented to be combined so you do not waste a lot of space to put the furniture.

2 . Selecting the right color for the walls, ceiling, and floor
Use soft colors like pastels. If you get bored with the use of one type of color, you can combine it with contrasting colors on one wall. Look for other types of color in the same shades. Similarly, you should use the white color for the ceiling because it will make the ceiling seem higher than if using a dark color which has the effect of pressing. Avoid the installation of a drop ceiling and the use of excessive ornament because they will cause a heavy impression on the room. The selection of floor tiles also comes into play to give the impression of a wide space. Use ceramics with bright colors and not crowded textures.

3 . Adjusting the lighting to the space functions and requirements
Adequate lighting also helps creating a spacious impression. Use an appropriate lighting which suits the function of the room and the atmosphere you want to present. The use of indirect lighting system would also lead to a dramatic impression, especially for the bedrooms.

4 . Creating a garden inside the house
Some people probably do not like an indoor garden because it can cause insects and mosquitoes. In fact, indoor gardens provide a lot of benefits for homeowners. The garden can make the air circulation smoother, making the house feel fresher.  It can also create an element of outdoor space in the house so the room will feel more spacious. Eliminate the barrier between your indoor garden and other parts of the house using a wide glass door or window. Or, you can even use no divider at all, e.g. a family room that directly faces the indoor garden or a dining room that blends with the garden. The indoor garden design also does not need the use of lush plants if you fear a lot of insects and mosquitoes. Choose a dry garden design, for example by using a raspy stone, plants in pots that can be replaced at any time, and small ponds where the water flows through natural stone wall. Gurgling water generated will be a positive therapy for your brain so that any fatigue after a day of work will be reduced.

5 . Selecting furniture with a design that blends with the room
You should adjust the type and size of furniture to the needs and the flexibility of the space. If the living room and family room are made one, you will only need one set of sofa. Choose the one which is simple and not too big.

A sofa bed could also be an option if you want to relax in the family room. The room divider can be designed functional, which can also serve as a display shelf or a television rack with two faces, so that the house is not filled with items that are not functional. The unification of the kitchen and dining room will eliminate the dining table, because it can be designed together with the kitchen set. Wardrobe in the bedroom can also be made built -in into the wall in the bedroom to expand the room space.

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