5 Types of Flooring and Their Characteristics

Contemporary Wooden Floor DecorationFloor has an important role to strengthen the existence of objects in a room. In general, floor functions to support the activities in a room, beautify it, and create its character. The following are five types of flooring with various characteristics:

1. Concrete flooring
This flooring type is considered as the simplest and least expensive flooring. It is similar to wall plaster, yet it is scrubbed until it is smooth and looks shiny. The color created is similar to the color of sand-cement, and tends to be darker. The disadvantage is that this flooring cannot be replaced by another material (patched) when it gets cracked.

2. Ceramic flooring
This type of flooring is commonly used for houses and other buildings. Ceramics have high flexibility and can be applied to almost all parts of the house. In addition to the strength, ceramic floor also does not require polishing and easy to maintain. The floor is able to create a warm impression.

Nowadays you can find various types of ceramic tiles in terms of the size, color, and texture. There are even ceramic tiles which represent other materials such as marble, granite, wood, stone, and brick.

3. Marble flooring
Marble is preferred because it has a lot more character and luxury class. The irregular texture and pattern as well the limited supply makes this material expensive.

Marble has a cold and strong impression. The disadvantage is that it has relatively large pores so that it requires extra care. Marble is easy to absorb liquid, and like carpet, it leaves a stain if not cleaned immediately.

4. Granite flooring
Granite has denser pores, so it has a smaller possibility to absorb water and dirt. Granite has a cool and sturdy impression. Granitic rocks are derived from granite hill or mountain. However, along with the development of technology, nowadays you can find artificial granite with more diverse patterns and cheaper price.

5. Wood flooring
The most common one is parquet flooring, which is derived from the word parquetry. Wood has a warm and natural impression. In addition to coming from solid wood, parquet material today comes from non-wood materials such as bamboo. Another type is a wood laminate surface which is the result of printing.

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