5 Useful Feng Shui Tips to Make a Bathroom in the Bedroom

Bathroom Design with Glass WindowMore and more homeowners prefer to have a bathroom inside the bedroom. Even according to a survey, not less than 80% homeowners want to have that kind of bathroom.

In the science of Feng Shui, the bathroom is full of Yin energy so it should be placed on the bad sector. Yet, there are bathrooms that are placed in the good sector.

If the bathroom is located in a good sector, there are several kinds of influence. It often has an effect on health and sometimes on relationship too, such as being cheated by a partner.

Five useful tips
Feng Shui principle requires the good sector to be placed in a room that has a positive energy. Therefore, to solve the problem you can do a bit of remodeling in the bathroom so that this positive aura can be included. How to do it?

  1. Provide as much air ventilation as possible in the bathroom. Open the window widely, and if it is possible, open this space to be directly connected to outside air. If the bathroom is on the ground floor, choose blind or jalousie doors or windows, even if it is possible, replace the window with the larger one. If you are on the top floor, the ventilation could be made in the roof.
  2. Let as much sunlight as possible enter the bathroom, either directly or indirectly.
  3. Use bright materials. Avoid using dark colors for your bathroom. A bright atmosphere in the bathroom will reduce the Yin inside.
  4. Maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom properly. Provide a refreshing scent. Do not allow items scattered about, such as towels, clothing, slippers, toothbrush, or soap making the atmosphere dirty and stuffy.
  5. Add plants in small pots or hanging pots which can survive inside a room. It is an extra effort to liven your bathroom.

Good luck!

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