5 Useful Tips to Create an Eco-Friendly Home

Modern Eco-Friendly Home with High CeilingGlobal warming is increasingly becoming the most frequently discussed issues in recent years. Due to the rising temperature of the earth, the weather becomes unpredictable and even leads to extreme weather conditions.

There is a more severe effect. The polar ice begins to melt and cause rising on sea levels. If the water volume is increasing, it is not impossible if the earth’s surface will be dominated by water, less land.

As one of the citizens of the earth, you also should start to pay attention to things that can cause an increase in global warming. One of them is to create an environmentally friendly or eco-friendly home.

In addition, an eco-friendly home concept will also make your home maintenance expenses get smaller. Consider some of the following ways to make your home environmentally friendly:

1. High ceiling
A low ceiling will make air circulation in the house not smooth. As a result, your home will feel stuffy and hot. That is why many people are choosing alternatives such as installing air conditioners. Though the use of air conditioner is one of the significant causes of the problem of global warming increase. The right step to make your home environmentally friendly is to make the roof  or ceiling of your house high. With a high ceiling, the air circulation will be smooth, and it will make your home more cool without air conditioning. By not use air conditioning, you have contributed in minimizing the global warming.

2. Green lights
The use of environmentally friendly lights will save electrical energy. For that, choose LED technology which is usually environmentally friendly and energy efficient. This type of lighting is also free of mercury, lead, and many other hazardous chemicals.

3. Do greening around the house 
Not only in the house, you also need to take action to go green out of the house. One of them is by planting trees around the house. Trees can contribute in generating oxygen. By planting more trees or plants around your house, you help the earth stay green and reduce pollution levels in the air.

4. Recycle
Take advantage of the garbage in your house to be able to be reused. Plastic waste cannot be broken down by decomposers in the soil. Therefore, you can turn the plastic into useful items for your home, e.g. plastic bags. For organic waste, you can use it as organic fertilizer for trees or plants that you have planted. Thus, the garbage in your home will not pile up in landfills instead.

5. Use electronic equipment wisely
Turning off electronic equipment when not in use is a small thing with a great effect since it can save energy in your home. Thus, you help minimize the global warming caused by energy-intensive stuff.

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