6 Considerations for Building a Basement at Home

Basement ConstructionBasement makeover has been a trend among homeowners. It is definitely a fun challenge to turn an area under the house into a cozy and attractive room. You can absolutely make your own.

Want to make your own basement? Here are several things to consider when you want to build a basement at your home:

  1. Examine the condition of the house and surrounding. This is important because there are often network systems of telephone, electricity, water, plumbing, and so on under the ground.
  2. Do not make the basement walls attached to the other walls because it can affect the strength of the building construction. If the construction of the basement is already attached to another wall, use sheet pile made ​​of concrete or steel that serves as a retaining wall.
  3. Examine the position of the ground water surface. If it is high, you need to set up the pump and block the construction area using plastic. It is intended that the basement construction process is not interrupted by the waterlogging.
  4. If you want make a bathroom inside the basement, the waste water should be channeled to a lower place. Waste water generated from the shower can be streamed out by making a septic tank under the basement or using a pump that will pump the water upward.
  5. Basement walls must be built tough and strong because the function is not merely retaining, but also holding water. A good wall thickness is about 15 to 17.5 cm. To prevent any leaking basement walls, you should layer the walls with water proofing layer.
  6. Finally, use basement furniture made of plastic because the material is moisture resistant. Avoid using basement furniture made of wood, plywood, and plywood since they are easy to get damp, which can cause mildew.

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