6 Creative Ideas to Organize Your Apartment

Simple White Apartment Interior DesignWho says that organizing an apartment restricts your creativity? The following six ideas are ready to make you feel comfortable at your lovely apartment unit.

The apartments are provided for urban people who are looking for an alternative residential other than homes. No wonder if the apartment interior designs are made modern, practical, and comfortable. The concept of apartments and houses has no difference in terms of functionality, which provides comfort to the occupants after a full day of activities.

And, no matter how small your apartment unit is, in fact you can creatively do something to make the interior design feel homey and can serve its functions perfectly. Let’s apply the following six ideas that can be made according to your needs.

1 . Mirror
Due to its reflection, mirror is the best manipulator to give the impression of a wide space in a limited area. Place a large mirror in the room which is often used, such as the dining room and living room. In order not to interfere with the reflections, make sure the mirror is placed in an area that is rarely exposed to sunlight or opposite the window.

Nowadays, more and more choices or mirrors are available for us. Simply adjust it to the overall design of the apartment. Do not forget to clean the mirror regularly so that there is not dirt stuck on the surface. Pour a liquid mirror cleaner on a clean and smooth cloth and use it to clean the mirror. Wipe it dry immediately with another clean cloth.

2 . Hide and seek
Do not want to bother with a variety of household needs such as washing machines and gas tube? Apply the concept of “Hide and Seek” or hiding all the most commonly used tools in custom-made -storage. For instance, you can equip your kitchen set with a space to store the gas tube and trash bin. And, if your fridge takes up too much space so that it disturbs your movements, you can hide it in built-in furniture kitchen set.

Another idea is to place the washing machine and electric panel in a hidden wooden cabinet. A huge washing machine is no longer a problem which blocks your way, right? It also works on the electric panel that looks not beautiful when simple put on the wall. You can order this kind of storage or closet on a furniture artisan by making the sketch on your own. Consult it with an interior designer and manager of the apartment in order to maximize its use in the future.

3 . Practical tiny furniture
It would be more practical if you use precisely multifunctional furniture. Just choose furniture in a small size; otherwise, the room will feel stuffy. Sofa beds are very practical for those who live in studio apartments. For the living room or family room, choose a three -seat sofa. You can modify the dining room into a chic and modern space. Nowadays the design of the dining room which blends with a sofa has been a trend, why not trying it? Or, do you want something more out of the box? Put your television on the panel that can be positioned, whether it is facing the bedroom or bathroom.

4 . Make use of the wall
Do not let your apartment wall plain and empty. Beautifying it with decorative elements such as paintings and photographs will make the visual appearance of the apartment becomes stronger. You don’t have to find a big painting. Three small paintings placed in one line are enough. Also, if you really want to display a large painting, choose the one which is not too crowded. Alternatively, you can install the wallpaper. This one never fails to make a room look more classy.

The walls can also be used to hang items. You can hang your cooking equipment on the kitchen wall, or potted ornamental plants on the living room walls. For a more personal look, you can hang family photographs on the living room or dining room. The point is, no matter what accessories you choose, try to always adjust them to the interior wall color. Make sure that you have a harmonious apartment interior.

5. Add more shelves or drawers
Create a walk-in closet that has lots of drawers, shelves, and hangers. In that way, everything can be well stored and organized in the closet. Try to make the walk-in closet become one with the wall, up to the ceiling, so that it does not take up too much space.

6. Natural light therapy
Last but not least is the light setting at the apartment. The concept is simple, namely natural light. Aside from the windows, you can get it from the mirror application. Also use as roller blinds or voile to prevent the interior from too bright light. Natural light can also be obtained from the reflection of the parquet floor.

Meanwhile, for artificial lighting, choose spotlight to create a more dramatic feel. To make the apartment accessories such as paintings, vases, and statues more dramatic, use accent lighting which provides textures and shadows with different depths.

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