6 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Makeover Your Bathroom

Bathroom Tile DesignCreating an attractive main bathroom does not always require a lot of money. You can still do something cheap but also make the bathroom look new.

Consider the small elements in the bathroom such as new flooring, storage cabinets, lighting and plumbing fixtures that can give a fresh new look. Or you can update the walls with drywall or paint coatings to give a new look. Some people deliberately accommodate some electronic goods into the bathroom, such as the television and radio. Nevertheless, we need to always make sure that the bathroom can still perform its main function.

1. Colorful tiles
Change your bathroom that tends to be neutral with a few brightly colored tiles. If you don’t want to remodel the entire bathroom tiles, try to mix or match the color of the tiles at the top of the sink or tub. Create your own mosaic wall. You can also add a colored grout to decorate the bathroom wall.

2. Cabinet revitalization
Add some new touches to your bathroom cabinet so that you can have a new cabinet look. Or, simply replace it with the new one. Bathroom cabinet is a fairly dominant element that gives the feel of the room. However, when choosing one, always remember the main function of the cabinet. Select the one which has a sufficient capacity or you add additional shelves for the cabinet then.

3. Lights
Adding new lights to some old stuff will create a different touch. You may choose a lamp with soft lighting. This kind of lighting will create a very relaxing atmosphere when you relax in the bathtub. Meanwhile, bright lighting is suitable for morning activity.

4. Plumbing equipment
Some plumbing equipment such as 1970s-style faucet chrome may still be installed in your bathroom. Nowadays there are many innovative faucets’ shapes and colors which are more suitable to your bathroom style.

5. New wall
The simplest and most inexpensive way, yet very effective, to update a bathroom is by doing something on the walls. This time you may need to try bright colors to create an incredible impression. Small space is the perfect place to try bold colors.

6. Electricity up grade
Enjoying the time and relaxing can be done in the bathroom. Some people even claim to spend more time in the bathroom. Not a few who use the bathroom to relax, rejuvenate the body, or just hide. You may need to add a power outlet in the bathroom to enjoy some electronic equipment such as televisions, radios and even therapeutic tool such as electric sauna.

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