6 Ideas to Cool Your Bedroom without Air Conditioning

Cool Light Blue Bedroom Design with White Wooden WardrobeA hot day can be really disturbing. You might often wake up with drops of sweat throughout the body because of the hot weather. This certainly disrupt your sleep quality. As a result, you might get exhausted the next day when doing your daily activities.

Try to apply some of the ideas below so that your bedroom is no longer quite so hot, without the use of air conditioning.

1. Change your bedroom wall paint color
The weather is often hot and unfriendly. Thus, you should choose wall paint color which is able to bring coolness, such as light blue. Light blue is a color that can bring coolness to anyone who see it, and tends to calm the mind because the color  represents the cool blue sea. Try to combine white and light blue in your bedroom.

2. Install wooden flooring
Wood tends to absorb night’s coldness and spread it to the rest of the room. The result is that you will feel cooler even though the weather is hot. Besides, wood pattern is also easily combined with the pattern of your your bedroom wall.

More and more people choose to have wooden flooring for their interior because it has a variety of patterns and types. This flooring tends to make your bedroom look cleaner and neater than a floor with other materials. Not only give a cool effect when the weather is warm, but when the weather is cold, it is also capable of providing a warmth effect.

3. Add more glass windows
When the weather is hot, you need to open some windows in your bedroom. Thus, cool air outside may be blowing in and out of your room. In addition, you can also enjoy the exterior view from your bedroom through the glass.

4. Provide air vents
Smooth circulation of air is very important to maintain the coolness of your bedroom. The stifling hot air will still gather in your bedroom if there are no air vents.

5. Never sleep with the lights on
The light effect at night can bring the heat to your bedroom. In addition, the heat of the lamp will make the air temperature in your bedroom get warmer. If you are afraid to sleep in the dark, you can use a light sleeper which is generally more muted compared to the bedroom ambient light which is lit. Do not forget to turn off the lights in your bedroom when you want to leave. In addition to saving energy at home, you can also cool your bedroom.

6. Do not go into the bedroom after heavy work activities
After doing heavy activities such as exercise, do not go straight into the bedroom. Your breath might make your bedroom quickly filled by the carbon dioxide that can make it stuffy. Try to cool down first or stabilize your breath before you enter the room.

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