6 Important Questions when Buying a Second Home

Simple Beautiful Home DesignWhen you decide to buy a second house, you must consider a lot of things thoroughly. Sometimes it is difficult to know if a house which looks good and beautiful actually has a serious problem in it. For that, you, as a consumer, need to be careful before purchasing a second house. Ask lots of questions so that all your curiosity to the intricacies of the house is answered. There are a number of questions you must ask when you want to buy a second house:

1 . Why is the house for sale?
It is an important question that can give you the information to:

  • determine the offer price in accordance with the actual condition of the house .
  • determine how the seller needs (urgent or not) to immediately sell the house.

2 . How much is the cost of the house maintenance?
This question is intended to give you the information on how much money you should spend periodically for the house maintenance, including the property tax, electricity bill, water bill, and neighborhood safety.

3 . What are the problems related to the building?
You need to know all the problems related to the building, either which has happened or the one which is occurring. This is important so that you can predict the actions and costs that need to be taken to anticipate. For example, there are leaking underground water pipes and the water pump turns on automatically, leading to higher electricity bill. In other cases there may be also frames and partitions that have been attacked by termites, broken ceramic, damp walls, and so forth .

4 . What events have occurred in that house ?
You should ask this question to determine the issues or events that have occurred in that house before. For example, the home may have certain values ‚Äč‚Äčthat deserve appreciation (e.g. the former house of an ambassador, or the childhood home of a statesman).

5 . How are the facilities in the house location?
The information on the availability of some public facilities including school, markets, supermarkets, and adequate road width in a good environment will be extra points. You also can do your own survey. The better and the more complete the existing facilities, the more valuable the home. You can also directly estimate the amount of money you will spend to buy a house in that area.

6 . What is the status of the house?
Never forget to ask about the house status to the seller. Avoid falling in love with a home that has a problem in terms of ownership. In addition to the complicated transaction, buying a house like this has high risks. It’s good to find out more information of the house and check before paying. You would be better to wait for the information as clear and complete as possible before making the agreement, or you may regret later.

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