6 Principles in Designing an Ideal Comfortable Bathroom

Interior Designed Bathrooms

The main function of a bathroom is to take a shower, cleaning your body. In traditional houses, bathrooms and toilets are often separated from the main building. The reason is simple: a bathroom is considered dirty, damp, and not sacred. Meanwhile, in a modern home concept, a bathroom is no longer associated with negative things. A bathroom even becomes a reflection of the home owners’ personality. It also reflects someone’s social stratum in a society. Therefore, the materials of sanitary equipments should be integrated into a harmonious interior layout. The following are two examples.

Minimalist Furniture in Bathroom
Bathroom cabinets may have more than one function. Besides being a storage, they can be used to beautify the interior as well. (iseecubed.com)
Large Bathroom Design
The right lighting in the bathroom can create an exotic and exclusive atmosphere. Spending times there would be relaxing. (shinteriordesign.co.in)

From the pictures above it is clear that a bathroom is not only used as a place to have a shower. A bathroom can be a place for many activities including bathing, having a spa, dressing up, and even reading. Some people like spending hours staying in their cozy bathroom; time to relax. Even instead of using bedroom, you can use this more private place to cry on when you are upset. Seriously.

To create such an ideal comfortable bathroom, you need to consider the following principles:

  1. Divide your bathroom into two main areas: wet area and dry area.
  2. Make sure that the wet area is completely separated from the dry one. A shower tray or a glass can be used as the divider so that water splashes from the wet area do not enter the dry area.
  3. Plan the installation of water and electricity thoroughly so that later you don’t need to dismantle your marbles or tiles.
  4. Prepare filters especially for the sink and whirlpool/spa so that in the future there will be no clogged water.
  5. Adjust your bathroom lighting as good as possible so that you can create an exotic and functional space.
  6. Plan from the very beginning what you are going to put or store in the bathroom. If you like reading while bathing, you will need a shelf which is easy to reach. If you want to store your towel in the bathroom, you have to prepare a small cabinet there. Well, sharing spaces to put or store things can be an interior element to enrich your bathroom. Placing a sink in an unusual way will also strengthen the exclusive impression in your bathroom.

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