6 Simple Tips for Low-Cost Interior Wall Decor

Unique Living Room with Yellow Sofa and Gallery WallEmpty walls in your house might look plain as if it had not been finished. Instead of leaving the wall empty, you can decorate it using the existing materials. Here are some cheap ways to decorate your walls.

First, you can display your beautiful porcelain plates on the wall. Instead of letting them piling up in your cabinet, displaying them would save your storage space and make the interior way more attractive at once. Use any used wire to hung those plates.

Second, you can create a small gallery to express your taste and personality. There is no set of rule in creating a small gallery on one of your interior wall. You also don’t have to use the same frames for all photographs, paintings, or pictures. You can even display those artworks without any frame. Just make sure that you provide the right distance between the objects.

Third, do something with the wall at the stair area. You can create a tiny gallery on that wall.

Forth, fill up one part of the wall with Polaroid photograph. This modern and fresh decoration idea can be applied both on a contemporary interior or soft classic interior.

Fifth, if you prefer a simple decor, you can decorate the walls in a simple way. Just make sure you put the artwork in an appropriate proportion, between the two sides and the underneath furniture. Leave space between the couch and the artworks of about 15 cm to 20 cm.

Finally, create an inspiration corner on one corner of the house. Plain white walls are not necessarily able to inspire you. Therefore, select a group of works that can inspire you. Combine these works in a variety of shapes and sizes, then make a visual appeal in the room.

Image credit: stupic.com 

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