6 Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Make it More Spacious

Cool Small Kitchen DesignToday’s homes often provide modern small kitchen designs which are sometimes too small, whereas the kitchen is the busiest place in the house where everyone wants to be part of the activities in it.

The current challenge is to keep the kitchen comfortable and roomy without having to dismantle the walls. This can only be achieved by considering the kitchen table, center of the room, breakfast table, dishwashing area, garbage disposal, and built-in kitchen cabinets. Built-in cabinets should be selected because it has a big storage capacity.

Here are other ways of small kitchen renovation to make it feel roomy and comfortable.

1 . Make the kitchen more simple
It takes a huge creativity to maximize the use of space in a small kitchen. First, you need to count some furniture and appliance that take place in the kitchen. Replace some furniture with the more streamlined ones such as refrigerator, stove, and microwave. No need to have a stove with four burners, simply two. If your kitchen is equipped with a double basin sink, try to replace it with a single basin sink.

2. Get rid of heavy elements
Another way of a small kitchen remodeling is to get rid of the hanging cabinet. If you want to organize the contents of the kitchen, consider installing a hanging open shelf so that the room seems more spacious. In addition, an open hanging shelf lets you see items that are being stored. You can also show off some of the collection of Chinese ceramics or impressive glassware, as well as a colorful plate on the hanging shelf. Those are the advantages of a hanging shelf compared to the kitchen hanging cabinet which are often difficult to access and look heavy.

3. Kitchen floor design
Just because your kitchen is small doesn’t mean that you should let it in a tiresome design.  Consider remodeling a small kitchen by mixing a bit of a different material options. Choose a unique or bold color scheme.

Consider choosing flooring with bright colors, and matching materials for the table and cabinets. Add backsplash with bright and unique colors so that your focus will go on the interesting part. Do not forget to create a bright light which provide a fun and also functional impression for your kitchen.

4. Consider using glass
If possible, use glass elements in the kitchen area as many as possible. Adding glass on the cabinets’ doors, kitchen table and elsewhere, will automatically give the impression of a larger space.

If you use a door to separate the kitchen from the house, make sure it is made of glass so that it doesn’t look separated. Or, if not possible, make a pass through window (usually a hole in the wall) towards the main room, as big as possible. It is to create an open and modern look.

Another small kitchen remodeling idea is to add a backsplash with mirror mosaic or other mirror accessories to make your kitchen look roomy.

5. Maximum lighting
Creating an open space kitchen can be done by incorporating a variety of lighting. You can put a light on the cabinet or on the kitchen floor.  The light from the upper cabinet can create an illusion of a larger space. When the light is directed on the cabinet, it creates a shadow and provides a visual movement effect through the bright and dark contrast.

6. Wall color
Choosing a dark wall color and adding accessories can enhance the luxurious feel of your kitchen. Make the kitchen a dining spot for you and your partner or a mini bar to entertain your friends.

Those are some ideas for small kitchen remodel. Prove that a house with a small kitchen does not have to be a disaster for you. The strength of the elements and the positive sides of the kitchen will make the kitchen become the main focus of your home. Get ready to apply these small kitchen renovation ideas and make your dream kitchen come true.

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