6 Smart Ideas to Design an Under Stair Space in Your Home

Under Stairs StorageWhen planning to design a multi-storey home, it is suggested that we consider the use of stairs as an access to and from the upper floors. The construction of the stairs often leaves an empty space beneath, which is actually can be used for another functional space. Then, what kind of functional space can we design there? Well, the following are some smart ideas to design an under stair space.

  • A closet. The space under the stairs can be used as a kids’ closet by covering the room using a partition made of materials such as HPL or plywood. Make sure to adjust the closet to the available space.
  • A Shelf. This empty space can also be used as a storage shelf for books or even shoes and sandals. Simply make a multi-level mini shelf which height is adjusted to the space’s size.
  • Tool storage. You can use this space under the stairs as storage for tools such as household tools, carpentry tools, and automotive tools. Also, you can store your umbrellas, jackets, or raincoats there.
  • A pump house. Using this empty space as a pump house is also a smart idea. Choose the type of water pump which is not too noisy so it will not cause any noise for the occupants of the home.
  • A fishpond. A fishpond can be build under the stairs. In addition to beautify the interior look of the house, it also serves a relaxation space for the family members or occupants.
  • A play space for kids. Although it is a little bit risky, having a play area under the stairs is a smart idea that is worth to try. To do so, consider the height of the landing and the size of the stairs accurately.

Those are six smart ideas that may inspire you to use your under stair space. To get the best result, it is suggested that you measure the available space first. Good luck.

image credit: quakerrose.com 

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