6 Smart Tips to Decorate Your Kid’s Bathroom

Fresh Green Kids BathroomTeaching children about their responsibilities in the bathroom can be challenging. It could also be a lot more fun when you provide an inspiring bathroom for them to learn and grow.

Colors play a very important role in creating an attractive and comfortable bathroom for children. When decorating a children bathroom make sure that you consider their age. For younger children, use bright and inspiring primary colors, while for teenagers, use a color palette that is more mature as neutral and pastel colors. Here are six tips for decorating children bathrooms.

1. Create colorful background
Since most toiletries are in neutral colors of white or brown, the background around them should be full of color and fun. Consider painting the walls or installing wallpaper and also funny sayings on the walls. But be careful when using wall stickers or wallpaper, as the humidity in the bathroom can cause it not attached on the wall properly.

2. Wall which is easy to clean
When decorating a child’s bathroom, especially around wet areas such as toilets, sinks, and bathtubs, make sure the wall surface is easy to clean and durable. You can use ceramic wall tiles, scrub-able wall paint, and beadboard panels.

3. Adequate lighting
This is for every bathroom. You do not necessarily want to have a dark area in the bathroom. It is intended to keep the bathroom clean and to easily see what your child is doing. Ensure there is adequate bathroom lighting, such as lighting over the bathroom or even a bright hanging lamp on the dresser which does not cause shadows.

4. Equipment for your child
Purchase equipment that is specifically made ​​for children, e.g. toothbrushes, soap, and towels.

5. Budget
Although you can spend a lot of money on decorating your child’s bathroom, you should know that the color should be matched with the accessories in various prices. So, manage your budget by considering the decoration you want.

6. Theme selection
Consider choosing a theme that he or she really enjoys. You can choose the theme of their favorite animals, sports, fun activities, or cartoon characters. If possible, ask your child’s opinion about how he or she wants to decorate the bathroom.

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