6 Steps to Make a Room More Interesting and Inviting

Fresh Cozy Living Room

Decorating a home doesn’t always require you to use expensive stuff. You simply need to consider the styles, scheme, and color of the accessories which are adjusted to the interior design. Here are several things you might need when decorating your home:

  • Paintings or artworks
  • Lights
  • Candles
  • Knick-knacks
  • Plants or vases of flowers
  • Rugs or carpets
  • Cushions
  • Curtains

Step 1
Hang a painting, drawing, or a mirror on the wall. Choose pieces that contain color and item or content which is in accordance with the concept of the interior. For example, you can decorate your contemporary interior with brown walls, or a minimalist interior with white furniture and green vase containing white flowers.

Step 2
Install a floor lamp or a table lamp to illuminate the dark corners of the room. Choose a lamp that complements the decor. For example, use antique lamps with hand-painted floral motif for a Victorian living room or bedroom.

Step 3
Place candles on the coffee table, dining table, fireplace, or shelf. Place the candles in a container with a pillar concept or group them together to create a soft atmosphere within the room. Choose scented or colored candles for the effect you want to get.

Step 4
Display a collection of knick-knacks, drawings, sculptures, vases, or other valuable things in the room. And create groups of similar items based on the height, width, or textures to create a balance. Each item must be clearly visible in the grouping.

Step 5
Enliven the room with plants or vases. Whatever the type of the plant is (artificial or real), make sure that the color can make the room feel more alive.

Step 6
Include texture in your accessories. For example, you can use neutral color carpet for a modern room, or the one with an interesting design for a plain room. Tidy up the chairs, sofa, or bed with cushions of different sizes and colors.

It is suggested that you use two or three colors in one room, namely primary colors, secondary colors, and bold colors.  Make sure that you don’t capture too many things or stuff inside the room. Try removing some items and select the items you want to show as the focus or center of attention of the room.

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