6 Things for a Good House Plan Feng Shui

Retro House ExteriorFeng Shui is a topography science fromĀ China which has a huge influence for its adherents. One such influence can be seen when they want to build a house.

Feng Shui has its own set of rules for building a house so that it brings good luck and fortune for the house owners and occupants. Feng Shui studies and teaches that the layout of each room in a house or building should be able to adapt to the nature, so that it creates a healthy and comfortable occupancy, and give positive effects to the occupants.

A good Feng Shui house plan is the one with a concept to bring good luck and fortune for the house owners and occupants. The Feng Shui floor plan is designed very carefully, considering a lot of things rather than just the house aesthetic aspect. For those who believe in Feng Shui, a Feng Shui house floor plan is a must in building a house. The reason is obvious; to get good luck and avoid bad luck.

The following are some considerations to create a good floor plan based on Feng Shui:

1. The shape of lots
The best Feng Shui shapes for a lot, house, or office are rectangular and square. Those shapes allow Feng Shui energy to settle in your house.

2. The contour of the land
Good land contour is one which is higher in its back part. With contours like this, your house will give prosperity to the occupants.

3. The interior layout
The position of the bathroom, stairs, and the kitchen should not be in the middle of the house.

4. Direction of the main entrance
The main door of the house should be adjusted to the best Feng Shui kua number of the occupants.

5. The design of the building
The house design must look as neat as possible to obtain the greatest possible good luck.

6. Time dimensionsĀ 
A good home is set up in the years of Ciong. That is, houses built in those years would give a fortune to their occupants.

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