6 Things to Consider before Buying a Home

Buying a HouseBuying a home is not an easy thing. When you plan to buy a home, you should consider various aspects. In buying a second home, the condition of the home should be a top priority in addition to the price factor. There are six important things you should consider before buying a home in order to get a comfortable home to live in.

1. Roofing
For a landed house, the roof is the most important factor that must be considered. Pay attention to every corner, whether there are signs of damage to the roof; no matter how big it is, it will have a big impact. Consider whether there is a wooden roof tiles weathered or damaged. Remember, roof repair is not cheap.

2. Pipeline Water
Checking all the water pipeline is impossible, but you can do several things, such as checking the bottom of the sink to see if there is damage. Note also whether there are signs of water seepage. For that, you need to open all existing taps.

3. Window
Check the bottom and top of the window, whether the walls are bulging, cracking, or fading in terms of the color. If so, then it is a sign of a leak. You also have to look at the condition of the window ledge, to see if there is any damage there since the ledge is not cheap to replace.

4. Key
Security is essential for a property, which certainly presents a comfortable and quiet atmosphere to its occupants. So it is very important for you to check if all the keys and the alarm systems are working properly.

5. Shower and Bathtub
Check whether showers and bathtubs work well, with no leaks, and can be covered perfectly. Go into the bathtub, and feel for any odd thing. Do not forget to check the seal between the tub and the floor. Remember, poor sealing can damage the floor quickly.

6. Neighbors and the Environment
A proverb says “before living in a house, find out how are the neighbors like”. Neighbors are very important because you socialize with them every day. Find out if the homeowner had previously complained about his neighbors.

Also consider whether there are neighbors who are doing construction or home renovation. A well developed area is a sign that the environment has more value, in terms of investment.

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