6 Things to Consider to Feng Shui Your Garden

Garden Idea with Fishpond and Natural StonesA spacious garden area will obtain more elements of qi (life energy). Your exploration in gardening becomes increasingly maximum. You can easily create a beautiful garden with a beautiful shape.

Not only concerned with aesthetics, in arranging a garden you should also apply the balance of yin and yang. The garden is as a means of yin, while the accessories are yang, so that both should be combined harmoniously.

Well, you should consider the following when gardening according to the rules of Feng Shui:

1. Garden of flowers and fruits
In Feng Shui, flower and fruit plants can be used to get rid of negative energy in the form of a less beautiful view.

The presence of colorful flowers can give freshness to your garden.  Meanwhile, fruit trees can provide many benefits. All of these can give positive energy into your home.

2. Trees
You should first consider the location where you want to plant the trees. Choose a location which is across to the hospital or grave yard area since trees can bring negative energy from the area outside the house. In addition, avoid planting a tree right in front of the entrance because it can block the qi which is supposed to enter the house.

3. Water
Bringing water elements into your garden can cool the area around it. Hearing the gurgling of the water is a part of qi. The presence of water in the pond should be well maintained to flow smoothly so that it can increase the qi before being invited to enter the house.

4. Bamboo fence
Bamboo has a philosophical value which balances the flexibility and adaptation level to the fluctuation of life graph. Its use in the garden can be as fence. In addition to providing a natural look, bamboo fence is also able to filter noise or negative qi sound from outside the house.

5. Bell
The should of a bell is believed to be able to get rid of sha chi or negative energy which comes from the wu huang energy that stimulates disasters or severe diseases.

6. Stepping stone
Stepping stone is a hardscape element in a garden. To balance it, you’d better make the stepping stones not stiff. Create a curving shape so that the balance can be maintained. A curving layout of stepping stones can slow down qi flow from outside the house which is too brisk.

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