6 Things You Should Know to Build an Eco-Friendly House

Eco Friendly Interior with Glass WindowsEnvironmental issues are one of the most highlighted issues at this time, including green building. Green building is a building concept that takes into account the environmental aspects. Not only buildings, homes can be designed with the environmentally friendly concept, or what we call the eco friendly home.

Designing an eco friendly home is not difficult. It all depends on the awareness of each of us to build and maintain the environment in order to stay balanced. Here are tips to design an environmentally friendly home design.

1 . Location
Choosing a location or place is the most important factor in making an eco friendly home. It is suggested that you choose a location that gives plenty of natural light into the house, so it can help you save energy at home. If the incoming sunlight into the house is enough, then you do not need to turn the artificial lights on during the day.

2 . Minimizing construction waste
Minimizing construction waste can be done with prefabricated techniques. The prefabricate technique is a method of assembling components on the house which are assembled in the factory.

3 . The right window design
Right window can help you to save heating or cooling energy significantly. If the air circulation is good, you can minimize the use of air conditioning/fan, thus saving electricity.

4 . Utilizing solar power
You can use solar panels to take the advantage of the sun. You can use this energy for the electricity. It also makes you save money when you pay the electric bill.

5 . Using water wisely
You can install a system to collect rainwater, and use this water to flush toilets. In addition, water saving can be done by installing low -flow water faucets to reduce excessive water consumption.

6 . Rooftop garden
If you have a narrow land, making a rooftop garden or roof garden can be an option. Besides being able to make the house atmosphere greener, rooftop garden also serves to reduce noise.

The earth needs us to take a good care of it better. Saving energy can help preserve our planet. Let’s start from the simple things, from ourselves, from our house. Designing an eco friendly home design is a smart option for smart people who care of the earth. By following the tips for an eco friendly home above, we can contribute to the earth preservation.

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