6 Tips to Brighten Your Home and Reduce Stress

Bright Fresh Living Room with Wooden FlooringDark and damp rooms are believed to trigger stress. Did you know that a room with plenty of natural light is believed to reduce the level of stress? Many facts support that people are more able to act, respond, and feel calmer when they are in a room exposed to the light.

Making homes brighter can be done in various ways. Using artificial light such as a lamp or expand the windows can make your interior home brighter.

Here are tips to make your home look brighter:

1 . Walk around your home
For what? This is useful for finding where the source of the dark spots of your home. Is it in the bathroom, living room or even family room? Or it could be without you knowing it the dark comes from your house wall and furniture paint colors. Having found the source, you can determine whether you want to add a window or would like to replace the home interior paint colors with lighter ones.

2 . Use neutral and white colors in decorating
If you want a warm atmosphere at home, colors such as espresso brown, camel leather, mold gray and rust color is the right color. These colors will look nice when applied with dark wood floors, doors, and wooden furniture.

3 . Remove the dark ceiling of your home
Although the ceiling painted with dark colors cause a dramatic impression in the room, it also makes you feel as if you lived in a cave. Attach a lamp hidden on the ceiling so that your room looks brighter.

4 . Make the kitchen look brighter
You can integrate light-colored furniture with heavy colored kitchen floor. Believe it or not, a kitchen which is much brighter and has a lot of light will make your cooking activities become more optimal.

5 . Only the bedroom can be dark
Who wants to sleep in a bedroom with striking wall paint colors and glaring lights? For this one, the bedroom is an exception. In the bedroom, dark colors can be applied to furniture, floors, walls and accessories. However, if you want a little dramatic atmosphere, adding a silhouette of table lamp with a soft glow is the right way.

6 . Adding some light on wardrobe
How can you possibly choose clothes in a complete darkness? Add some hanging lights in the wardrobe where you keep clothes. Or, adding a window in it is also an appropriate way. This method is also more energy efficient than when you use an artificial light as a source of lighting.

Lighting is a very essential element in a home design. By providing the right interior lighting, you can reduce stress as well. So, eliminate the stressful atmosphere in your home by making it brighter.

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