6 Tips to Buy a Second Home

A Big House For SaleBuying a second house requires a good knowledge and preparation. You should know in details the condition of the house you are going to live in. Make sure that you will not be disappointed with the security system, home design, and the facilities it provides. It would be really satisfying when you are able to get a good condition second house with a small budget. Well, the following are six things to consider before buying a second house:

1. Buy a house from the owner
By buying the house directly from the owner, you will be able to obtain much detailed information about the house.

2. Choose a trusted qualified brokerĀ 
If you don’t have any other choices than asking help from a broker, make sure that you choose a trusted broker with good credibility. He or she will help you deal with the transaction documents.

3. Find information about the age of the house
Simply put, you can consider a house as new when it is less than ten years old and as old when it has been more than twenty years old. The older the building, the more budget you should prepare in case you want to do some renovation or repair.

4. Check the condition of the house

  • Check the details of the physical condition of the house. If necessary, you can ask a contractor to assess the condition of the house. The following are a few things to note:
  • Check the walls, perhaps there are spots or stains from groundwater seepage.
  • Check the quality of the floor, whether it has decreased or cracked.
  • Check windows, doors and ceilings for any trace of termites.
  • Make sure the roof is still in a good condition, see perhaps there is a leak or loss.
  • Check the electricity network and make sure it still good.
  • Check the water quality in the house.
  • Feel the condition of the home interior, whether it is damp, fresh, or even sultry.

5. Check the environment around the house
Get much information about the house, especially if you want to live in that house with your family. Make sure that the house and the neighborhood has a good security system and close to public places and facilities.

6. Make sure that the house has complete documents
Check the authenticity of the house certificate, the certificate of building permits, and proof of property taxes.

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