7 Decorating Secrets to Make Your Interior as Cool as the Ones in the Magazines

Awesome Living Room IdeaIf you like reading interior design magazines and the like, you must often see cool home interior decoration. You might wonder how to create such a perfectness in your house.

Well, you definitely have the chance to bring such an interior decoration into your house. You just need to know the main keys in interior decoration.

First, create “height” in your home interior using green plants or simply using twigs in a vase. This will add a dimension in a small house. A simple vase which full of leaves on a table will also create a fresh feeling instantly. This ornament is suitable to avoid a feminine impression from the vase.

Second, always use decorative trays to beatify your house. Use this method starting from your living room up to your bathroom. In the bathroom, you can use the small tray to accommodate various kinds of toiletries and beauty products.

Still in the bathroom, you’d better use a white towel. A thick fresh towel in white is able to provide a luxurious impression with a spa atmosphere.

Third, use unexpected elements to decorate your house. They don’t have to be flowers, statues, or paintings. Without you even realizing it, a wipe you usually place next to the sink can also be used to decorate your kitchen. Choose a wipe or decorative towel with an attractive pattern to show your personality in your kitchen. Leave it on the countertop or next to the sink.

Forth, use decorative cushions in different shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. This can provide colors and dimension to your sofa or other seats.

Fifth, make use of a whiteboard to decorate your house by using it to write down your shopping list, some inspirational sentences, or even to draw. Like the wipe, this whiteboard can be a decorative object which shows your personality at home.

Sixth, for those of you who have a cold and neutral colored interior, you can add an unexpected element to it through bright contrast colors. You can put bold pink flowers, colorful cushions, and bright yellow blankets. Make sure that you don’t make your interior too crowded.

Seventh, consider the arrangement of the furniture in your house, especially in the dining room. Move the chairs a bit further from the dining table. Placing chairs right under a dining table makes the table look not inviting.

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