7 Essential Tips on How to Make a Small House Feel Larger

Modern Minimalist Small KitchenSmall space should not make us feel cramped. The cramped impression comes when we feel something is disturbing in our activities in that not spacious space,  such as too much accessories or too big furniture which takes too much space. Here are some ways you can do to get a sense of relief when living in a small home design.

  1. Use your favorite color. Combine it with bright colors which are relatively safe, such as white or the gradation of your favorite color. For instance, if you like the color green, combine it with whitish green. Dark colors can be used as accent colors since they can provide a deep impression on the appearance of the walls. Also, wallcover is an interesting option to substitute your favorite wall paint colors.
  2. Choose furniture based on the shape of your room. Small sized furniture doesn’t guarantee to create a spacious space when it has a shape which is inappropriate to the room composition. The type and size of the furniture should be adjusted to the need and flexibility of the room. If you join the family room and living room in one room, then you will only need one set of sofa. Choose a sofa which is simple and not too big. A sofa bed can be an interesting option when you want to relax in the family room. You can also choose a built-in wardrobe for your bedroom to provide a larger space for you to move or put other functional furniture.
  3. Avoid massive partitions which separate rooms with almost similar activities such as a kitchen and a dining room. If you do want to use a partition, simply choose big sized furniture such as a credenza or book shelf as the room divider so that your house will not filled with not-functional things.
  4. Don’t put too many accessories. In addition to the inconvenience for our sight, too many accessories will make you feel more difficult in maintaining that small room.
  5. Adjust the lighting to the function and need of the room. Sufficient lighting on a room will help creating a spacious impression. Use a light which is appropriate to the function to the room and also the atmosphere you want to have there. The use of indirect lighting will also create a dramatic and light impression in a room, especially on the bedroom.
  6. Install wide glass windows. Through glass windows, you can bring the exterior life into your interior. The glass eliminates the barrier between your home interior and exterior. No barrier means an impression of a more spacious and wide space.
  7. There is one thing which is always successful in creating a spacious impression in a small room. Hang a big sized mirror on the wall. Your room will definitely feel and look way larger.

Those are the six tips to deal with a small space house. Make the most of your small house so that it feels more spacious and comfortable for you and your family to live in.

Image credit: home-designing.com 

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