7 Favorite Wall Accessories for Your Home

White Interior with Adorable Wall DecorationIt is obvious that we cannot stay in a house without walls. Walls keep our privacy from the people outside, and let us divide the space into many functional rooms. Not only that, it turns out that we can use the walls as a field to express our creativity and show our personality. Furthermore, wall decoration is a must for a house to look alive and great.

Here we share several elements to fill your walls, either the exterior wall or interior wall. Rest assured, they are easy to install and are able to bring a different atmosphere to your home.

1 . Framed painting and picture
Many homeowners choose to display framed paintings or pictures on the wall of their home. However, there are several things you need to consider, such as the number of the paintings/pictures, the harmony among the paintings/pictures, and the pattern on how to arrange those framed paintings/pictures. Usually a lot of people prefer simple frames for quite a lot of pictures/paintings. You also need to consider either the composition or the shapes of the objects. Makes sure that they are nice to see.

2 . Artworks
You can also display some artworks on the wall. For instance, display an artistic object on the foyer wall. It can be a focal point of the space, giving a distinctive attraction to the space. Thus, when your guests enter your house, they can directly see that attractive artwork. When you display artworks on one surface of the walls, it would be good to let the rest walls empty so that the focal point of the room can really be exposed.

3 . Mirrors
In addition to serving as decorative elements on the wall, mirrors can also make a room look more spacious, especially on the small rooms. The placement of mirrors on the right height and angle will surely create an impression of a larger room. You can arrange the mirrors in such a way to create a nice or unique wall decoration. Mirrors with simple frames can bring a minimalist and modern touch within your house, while mirrors with curved frame can create a classic traditional touch.

4 . Wall sticker
Wall sticker is a wall element that is recently quite popular among homeowners. As a decorative element with simple graphics, easy to install, and removable, wall stickers can be an alternative element that is capable of filling the walls to create an impression of an elegant and simple home design. And through the graphic design, you are able to obtain the desired atmosphere.

5 . Wallpaper
Wallpaper has become the primary choice as elements forming the atmosphere of space through the wall. Having various choices, wallpapers can be used to present a specific theme for each room. For example, wallpaper for the living room can create a warm and cozy atmosphere. In addition, children bedroom wallpaper often has various theme options you can select based on your children’s taste and personality.

6 . Wall pattern
This element is usually applied on larger wall or exterior wall. There are also many techniques to have patterned walls. For indoor, you can use ceramic or granite which then will deal with color or pattern selection. Meanwhile, for outdoor, such as for backyard garden, you can use natural materials like natural stones or certain patterns to bring natural atmosphere.

7. Shelves
Shelves can serve as decorative elements and storage space for books or other objects at once. There are various options of shelves in terms of the shapes, size, and colors. They can strengthen the atmosphere of the room.

The walls and the accessories would function as the main element to emphasize the transition between rooms when you want to move from one room to another. Thus, you need to plan the wall decoration carefully in order to create a harmonious and sustainable atmosphere.

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