7 Important Principles for Home Renovations

Modern Living Room Design IdeaHomeowners often want to get involved too much in the home remodeling process, even before they entrust all of the things to the architect. They do this not only because they want to make sure that the result will be satisfying, but sometimes because they actually want to help ease the work of the architect. But, do their actions help the architect at last? Today we share a variety of tips to consider in home renovation project.

1. Immediately take decisions
You have to make decisions about your home renovation. Immediately take a decision before the project begins because many problems usually arise when a job is running, especially if the job is almost done, for example, in determining the color of house paint, flooring material, bathroom accessories and many others. Those things indeed sometimes seem to be pretty trivial, but if you are too late to make a decision then all the process will be interrupted; not optimal work, high project costs, much longer process than expected, and others.

2. Stay on your first plan
Changing mind is a common thing, but when you change your mind, of course there are many things that need to be changed in the home renovation process. And without realizing it, you have deviated from the original plan home renovation. When you change your mind in the middle of an ongoing project, the result would be a waste of money and time, because it misses the original plan.

3. Find information on buying material        
Apparently, this is the most effective way to save on project costs. Find information from a variety of sources or consult the experts about the suitable materials either according to your taste or budget. If you entrust the builders to buy the material, it is not impossible that they may markup the costs. Usually they are already getting a good price compared to the price you get when you buy the materials on your own. You may not be able to change the total budget set, but at least you can do something when you already know the prices in the markets.

4. Do not underestimate the home renovation project
Renovating a house is not merely about polishing it. There are a lot of things to consider such as checking the condition of power, old construction, water and other pipelines. Simply do the advice from the experts such as the architects or contractors.

 5. Calculate the required budget
Maybe everyone wants to make improvements on his old home, and the one that usually becomes the problem is the budget. People are generally afraid of the cost which is not in accordance with the planned budget. But we do not need to be that afraid of this problem. If you have a consultation with an experienced architect or contractor and you don’t make too many changes during the home remodeling process, then the bloated budget is not going to happen.

6. Determine the integrity of the space and design concepts
Blending a traditional design concept with another one will occasionally look beautiful, though the reality is not always so. Then try to find out what the space requirements and design concepts you really like. Decide thoroughly the style or design that really suits your taste. You do not need to always follow the current trend, but prioritize the room you need, comfort, and safety of the structure.

7. Prepare the design before starting the renovation
Some of the renovation work requires the services of architects, and in contrast, there are some projects which are entrusted entirely to people who are not competent in this field. Remember that a house is a lifetime investment. Our advice is not to start a renovation project without the presence of the concept design from an expert, or at least you should look for as much information on this subject.

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