7 Important Steps to Buying a Home

Green Papercraft HouseSome people say that looking for a house is similar to looking for a mate. Moreover, when it is the first time to find a house, the prospective home buyer will usually have a lot of considerations.

For those of you who want to buy a house, especially a new house, you might need the following useful tips :

1. Comparing
Do a comparison of homes that will be purchased with the houses located around it (in terms of design, architecture, and environment).

2. Collecting information
Gather as much information as possible about the house to be purchased, such as the status of the land and buildings, property, and the price offered. Do not buy a house on a housing which is widely purchased by speculators, because it will surely be a quiet residence. This will affect the development of house prices.

3. Observing home’s condition
Note carefully the condition of the building, the layout, and the interior of the house. If necessary, explore each room and ask all the details to the owner or developer.

4. Studying the market price
Collect and compare prices of current homes, in the region with the same type of house. By studying the market price, you will find theĀ  fairly reasonable price.

5. Asking the third party’s opinion
Ask the opinion of the other party (second opinion) about the desired house. The third party can be your family, friends, real estate agents, or a professional appraiser, who can objectively assess the condition and price of the home.

6. Contacting notary
Use the notary services to assist in the home buying transaction since legal issues in buying and selling homes is complex, complicated, and requires legal certainty.

7. Regulating the payment system
You should manage the payment on house transactions properly. It would be better if the payment system is done easily by minimizing the risk of crime for both parties, such as payment by bank transfer.

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