7 Reasons to Paint the Ceiling Black

Modern Bathroom with Black CeilingWhat is your idea for the color on the ceiling of your house? The white color? This color is very often used to paint the ceiling of the house.

Why aren’t you trying to be a bit anti- mainstream, say, by painting the ceiling black? The black color on the ceiling can disguise the weaknesses in your room.

Here are some reasons why black color is good to be applied on the ceiling:

  1. The black color can balance the other elements in the room. The black color in the room is believed to unite the existing elements, make them all look like a single unit.
  2. The black color makes the ceiling look lower. This trick is best applied if you have a high ceiling which gives the impression of cold. With the black paint, you can make your ceiling seem lower without sacrificing space, making the room feel warmer.
  3.  The black color makes the room look better. Charlie Chaplin, Houndstooth and a few other things look better in black and white. In this case, the black ceiling is the proper balance of the black floor and a few touches of color pop.
  4. The black color can hide the mess in the room. Hide pipes or cables in the ceiling with black paint is an appropriate way. It is more effective than spending more money calling handyman or renovating the house.
  5. Black wall paint color. Painting the walls black? Walls and ceiling painted with black color will create a dramatic and sexy room. Try to apply this color in the bedroom and bathroom.
  6.  The black color gives the limits on space, determining zones. By using the black color on the ceiling, if your home has an open space, you can divide the spaces without having to use a room divider or carpet.
  7. The black color can draw attention. Of course the black ceiling will be much more interesting than the white ceiling. You can add red accessories to create a more attractive impression.

Now you have known that painting the ceiling with black color is not without a reason. After knowing the reason, you might be interested in making your house more interesting with black ceiling paint. Good luck.

Image credit: groovexi.com 

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