7 Simple Ways to Make a Home Exterior Look More Attractive

Inspiring Facade DesignThe exterior of the home also needs attention. In addition to aesthetic purposes, some forms of attention can also make the exterior home more durable, for example through painting or resurfacing walls and fences.

When the home exterior becomes more attractive, your home could be the center of attention among the neighbors. You can create a surprise with some of the following ways:

First of all, apply an interesting color to the main door of your house. Choose a color that can complement your home, but it still able to attract attention.

The easiest way to determine the exact color of the door is to seek references from the color wheel. Choose a color opposite to the majority color in your home. Some examples of popular colors are red, orange, yellow, chartreuse, and teal.

Second, do not let the front door just plain and empty. Put a knocker on the door right in the heart of your home door.

There are various shapes of door knocker you can choose. If you are reluctant to use odd shapes, you can choose a standard knocker like the round shape. In addition, notice the door handle. If it is damaged or looks dull, replace it with a new one immediately.

Third, beautify your entrance area with plants. Not just any plants, try using a topiary with unique shapes. Green plants also provide color in the entrance area.

Fourth, do not forget to do something with the number of the house sign. In addition to being functional, house number sign can also be utilized to decorate the exterior walls. Try to change your home number sigh with the one made of carved wood. Try also to use aluminum house number sign on top of the wall which is overgrown with vines.

Fifth, replace your dull mailbox with the beautiful one. Welcome the postman not only with a clear house number signs, but also with a special post office box.

Sixth, try to put the pretty lights not far from the entrance of the house. In addition to beautifying the  entry, light also help you search a key from your bag when you want to open the door.

Finally, provide a fairly thick exterior mat which is capable of removing dirt from shoes, but also beautiful. Replace the mat immediately if it has been thin, broken, or torn. Coir doormats are now available in special shapes and ornaments. If necessary, you can decorate the coir mat by yourself, according to your taste.

Image credit: atlantahomeimprovement.com 

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