7 Things That Damage Your Wood Floors Without You Even Realizing It

Clean Hardwood Floor with a Dog PetA wood-floored house is unique and able to provide a more traditional impression compared to the ordinary marble floor. Wooden flooring also gives the impression of natural feel at home. In addition, because of the natural material, wood floors also make the temperature of your home stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

However, caring for wood flooring is not as easy as caring for marble flooring in general. To stay shiny, hardwood floors require special care and attention.

As for cleaning wood floors, avoid using chemical-based cleaner since the chemicals contained in the cleaner will attenuate the surface of the wood floors. To clean wood flooring, it is recommended that you use natural materials such as vinegar and water.

There are several things you might not realize that can damage the surface of your hardwood floors. These habits will slowly damage the surface of your wooden floor. What are they? Here’s the explanation:

1. Not cleaning your shoes/feet before entering the house
Without you knowing it, the habit of not cleaning the dirt from your feet using the door mat will make your wooden flooring quickly damaged. Mat which is located in front of the entrance is intended to withstand the amount of dust, dirt or sand into your home. However, if you do not clean your feet or shoes when entering the house with this mat, dust, dirt and sand will gradually erode the surface of your hardwood floors.

2. Coating the wood flooring with carpet
Coating the surface of the wood flooring with carpet over the years will create marks on your wood floor. Of course this would be very annoying if you want to change the position of your furniture later.

3. Water spills on the floor 
The wood floors are very vulnerable to damage if exposed to water. Spilled drinks on the floor done by your children can gradually damage your hardwood floors. Instead, if you have small children at home, coat your hardwood floors with a plastic carpet that is not too often exposed to water spills.

4. Mopping up the wrong way
Apparently, the way the wood floor is mopped also affects the surface of your hardwood floors. Most people mop the floor using too much water, thus making the wood floors become quickly weathered.

5. Using the wrong cleaning
There are hundreds of types of floor cleaners on the market. Using chemical-based cleaners on wood flooring is not recommended. Use cleaners from natural materials so that the surface of your hardwood floors remain good.

6. Putting off repairs
The wood floors are very susceptible to damage. If there are some parts that have been damaged, you should immediately fix. Because if you procrastinate, the damage will get worse.

7. Pet
Pets at home also become one of the causes of damage to your wood floor. The sharp nails which are often used to scratch the wood floor will make the surface of the floor uneven. If you have pets at home, you should either cut your pet’s nails regularly or buy it a special place to scratch which can be found in pet shops. Too long nails will damage your floor.

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